Advances in forest fire research

Advances in forest fire research
Advances in forest fire research

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0884-6 (PDF)

Numerical investigations of 3D aspects of fire/atmosphere interactions

Linn, R. R.; Canfield, J. M.; Sauer, J.; Finney, M.; Frothofer, J.; Winterkamp, J. L.; Sieg, C. H.; Pimont, F.; Dupuy, JL

Numerical simulations of spreading fires in a large-scale calorimeter: the influence of the experimental configuration

Pérez-Ramirez, Y.; Santoni, P. A.; Tramoni, J. B.; Mell, W. E.

Overview of the 2013 FireFlux-II grass fire field experiment

Clements, CB; Davis, B; Seto, D; Contezac, J; Kochanski, A; Fillipi, J-B; Lareau, N; Barboni, B; Butler, B; Krueger, S; Ottmar, R; Vihnanek, R; Heilman, W E; Flynn, J; Jenkins, M A; Mandel, J; Teske, C; Jimenez, D; O’Brien, J; Lefer, B.

Physiological drivers of the live foliar moisture content ‘spring dip’ in Pinus resinosa and Pinus banksiana and their relationship to foliar flammability

Jolly, W. Matt; Hintz, John; Kropp, Rachael C.; Conrad, Elliot T.

Relationship between the slope and some variables of fire behavior

Ribeiro, Guido Assunção; Araújo, Tiago Guilherme de; Silva, Carlos Miguel Simões da; Magalhães, Mateus Alves de

Soil temperatures and fuel consumption in different species during three experimental fires as a fire severity measure

Baeza, MJ; Pérez, EL; Santana, VM; Ayache, F

Studying wildland fire spread using stationary fires

Gorham, D. J.; Hakes, R.; Singh, A. V.; Forthofer, J.; Cohen, J.; McAllister, S.; Finney, M. A.; Gollner, M. J.

The analysis and simulation of forest fire on Pohang-Si and Uljoo-Kun in Korea

Lee, Si-Young; Park, HoungSek; Kwon, Chun-geun; Yeom, Chan-ho

The effect of grass curing level on the propagation of grassland fires – an experimental study

Nichols, David; Bessell, Rachel; Cruz, Miguel G.; Gould, Jim; Hurley, Richard; Kidnie, Susan; Koul, Vijay; Slijepcevic, Alen

The Strouhal-Froude number scaling for wildland fire spread

Adam, Brittany A.; English, Justin D.; Akafuahb, Nelson K.; Saito, Kozo; Finney, Mark; Forthofer, Jason; Cohen, Jack

The ring of fire: the relative importance of fuel packing versus intrinsic leaf flammability

Grootemaat, Saskia; Wright, Ian J.; Cornelissen, Johannes H. C.

The velocity and structure flame front at spread of fire across the pine needle bed: experiment

Korobeinichev, Oleg P.; Tereshchenko, Alexander G.; Paletsky, Alexander A.; Shmakov, Andrey G.; Gonchikzhapov, Munko B.; Bezmaternykh, Dmitrii; Kataeva, Lilia Yu.; Maslennikov, Dmitriy.A.; Liu, Naian

Turbulence structures observed during experimental fires in forest and grassland environments

Seto, Daisuke; Clements, Craig B.; Heilman, Warren E.

Uncertainty in model predictions of wildland fire rate of spread

Cruz, Miguel G.; Alexander, Martin E.

Unsteady phenomena affecting the propagation of surface fires

Morvan, Dominique

Wildfires in Mediterranean shrubs and grasslands, in Greece: in situ fire behaviour observations versus predictions

Athanasiou, Miltiadis; Xanthopoulos, Gavriil

Wind flow characterization associated with fire behaviour measurements

Jimenez, Dan; Butler, Bret W.; Teske, Casey; O’Brien, Joseph; Loudermilk, Louise; Hornsby, Ben; Clements, Craig

Bibliometric study of fires in tropical rain forests

Juárez-Orozco, Sonia; Siebe-Grabach, C; Fernández y Fernández, D; Michán, L

Changing fire regimes: The response of litter-dwelling invertebrates to altered seasonality and frequency of fire

York, Alan

Effect of prescribed burning on chlorophyll fluorescence and sap flow of Pinus laricio, a preliminary study

Lapa, Gauthier; Lecomte, Léa; Morandini, Frédéric; Cancellieri, Valérie; Cancellieri, Dominique; Ferrat, Lila

Experimental prescribed burning in Turkey oak forest of Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park (Southern Italy): effects on vegetation and soil

Esposito, Assunta; Ascoli, D.; Croce, A.; Giordano, D.; Catalanotti, A. E.; Mazzoleni, S.; Bovio, G.; Salgueiro, A; Palheiro, P.; Loureiro, C.; Rutigliano, F. A.

Fire as a tool to manage pollination services

Brown, Julian; Christie, Fiona; York, Alan

Is remote sensing a good method to define forest fire resilience? A particular case in the South-eastern of the Iberian Peninsula

Hedo, Javier; Rubio, Eva; Dadi, Tarek; López-Serrano, Francisco Ramón; Alfaro-Sánchez, Raquel; Moya, Daniel; Heras, Jorge de las

Monitoring post-fire forest regeneration of Pinus brutia in North Lebanon

Halabi, Amira El; Mitri, George; Jazi, Mireille

Natural and anthropogenic fire regimes in boreal landscapes of Northwest Russia

Gromtsev, Andrei; Petrov, Nikolai

Past and present fire regimes in temperate forest zone of lowland Central Europe

Zin, Ewa; Niklasson, Mats; Szczygieł, Ryszard

Utilizing random forests imputation of forest plot data for landscape-level wildfire analyses

Riley, Karin L.; Grenfell, Isaac C.; Finney, Mark A.; Crookston, Nicholas L.

Variation in peatland wildfire severity – implications for ecosystem carbon dynamics

Davies, G. Matt; Gray, Alan; Jardi, Ruth Domenech; Johnson, Paul

A focused analysis on lean fire management systems

Fugate, Jeremiah S.; Maginnis, M. Abbot; Akafuah, Nelson K.; Saito, Kozo; Finney, Mark A.; Forthofer, Jason

A tool for mapping rural-urban interfaces on different scales

Bouillon, Christophe; Fernandez Ramiro, MM; Sirca, C; Fierro Garcia, B; Casula, F; Vila, B; Long Fournel, M; Pellizzaro, G; Arca, B; Tedim, F; Trebini, F; Derudas, A; Cane, S

An integrated approach to fire emission forecasting

Kochanski, Adam; Beezley, Jonathan; Jenkins, Mary Ann; Vejmelka, Martin; Mandel, Jan

Analysis of fire hazard in camping park areas

Almeida, Miguel; Azinheira, José Raul; Barata, Jorge; Bousson, Kouamana; Ervilha, Rita; Martins, Marta; Moutinho, Alexandra; Pereira, José Carlos; Pinto, João Caldas; Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Silva, Jorge; Viegas, Domingos Xavier

Assessing the fire risk in the wildland-urban interfaces of SE France: focus on the environment of the housing

Ganteaume, Anne; Jappiot, Marielle

Assessment of fire risk in relation to land cover in WUI areas

Calviño-Cancela, María; Chas-Amil, María L.; Touza, Julia

Assessment of the effectiveness of the forest fire fighting ground forces in Greece

Simos, Michail; Xanthopoulos, Gavriil

Building vulnerabilities to fires at the wildland urban interface

Laranjeira, João; Cruz, Helena

Bushfire fatalities and house loss in Australia: Exploring the spatial, temporal and localised context

Blanchi, Raphaele; Leonard, Justin; Haynes, Katharine; Opie, Kimberley; James, Melissa; Oliveira, Felipe Dimer de

Classification of large wildfires in South-Eastern France to adapt suppression strategies

Lahaye, S.; Curt, T.; Paradis, L.; Hély, C.

Coupling a meshless front-tracking method with a hybrid model of wildfire spread across heterogeneous landscapes

Billaud, Y.; Gennaro, M. de; Kaiss, A.; Pizzo, Y.; Zekri, N.; Porterie, B.

Data assimilation of satellite fire detection in coupled atmosphere-fire simulation by wrf-sfire

Mandel, Jan; Kochanski, Adam; Vejmelka, Martin; Beezley, Jonathan D.