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Livro / Sport and education: tribute to Martin Lee

p. 19-33
Sports in a changing society: the case of Portugal: origins, current statistics and new directions
Silva, Manuel Coelho e; Figueiredo, António; Gonçalves, Carlos E.
p. 35-56
Youth and sport in the USA and Germany: a cross-cultural comparative study
Brettschneider, Wolf-Dietrich; Brandl-Bredenbeck, Hans Peter
p. 73-82
Body images and self-identities
Gomes, Rui Machado
p. 101-107
Socio-personal development in the context of sport
Rosado, António F. Boleto
p. 109-119
Moral education in the practice of sport and physical education
Hellison, Don; Doolittle, Sarah
p. 121-138
Motivation in physical education: the differentiated effect of gender, age and sport’s involvement
Raposo, José Vasconcelos; Fernandes, M.; Karteroliotis, K.; et al.
p. 155-164
Behaviours related to fair-play in english and spanish professional football players
Cruz, Jaume; Torregrosa, Miquel; Boixadós, Mercé
p. 165-175
Coaching behaviors, motivational climate, and young athletes’ sport experiences
Smoll, Frank L.; Smith, Ronald E.; Cumming, Sean P.