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Livro / Proceedings of Maintenance Performance Measurement and Management (MPMM) Conference 2014

p. 11-14
Real time data colection and processing for aircraft maintenance enhancement (REACT)
Ferreira, Joel; Oliveira, Luís; Oliveira, Rúben
p. 15-20
Selection of instances in Condition Based Monitoring: the case of aircraft engines
Fernandes, Leonor; Henriques, Roberto; Lobo, Victor
p. 21-26
FMECA analysis for the assessing of maintenance activity for power transformers
Khalil, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Fattah; Cristaldi, Loredana; Faifer, Marco
p. 27-33
Exploring the condition-based maintenance opportunities for production-critical assets
Lokko, Nii Nortey Basil; Raza, Jawad; Panesar, Sukhvir Singh
p. 35-39
Predictive maintenance!: to do or let die
Dias, Pedro; Farinha, José Torres; Fonseca, Inácio; et al.
p. 41-48
Time replacement optimization models for urban transportation buses with indexation to fleet reserve
Raposo, Hugo; Farinha, José Torres; Oliveira, Rúben; et al.
p. 49-55
Life cycle cost optimization through an asset management based on risk principles
Santos, João; Barata, Hugo; Cordeiro, Hélio; et al.
p. 57-64
Better maintenance decision making in business networks with a LCC model
Sinkkonen, Tiina; Ylä-Kujala, Antti; Marttonen, Salla; et al.
p. 81-88
Augmented reality and the future of maintenance
Oliveira, Rúben; Farinha, Torres; Raposo, Hugo; et al.
p. 89-93
Maintenance support wireless system for ram of forming presses
Salazar, Diego; Glorioso, Gerardo; Wabner, Markus; et al.
p. 95-101
Maintenance management in Web ASP.NET MVC applications
Rodrigues, Francisco; Fonseca, Inácio; Oliveira, Rúben; et al.
p. 103-110
Mobile Applications and its Potential to Maintenance
Santos, Hugo; Simões, António; Fonseca, Inácio; et al.
p. 111-118
Maintenance strategies to reduce downtime due to machine positional errors
Shagluf, Abubaker; Longstaff, A. P.; Fletcher, S.
p. 119-124
Replacement time of mining drilling rigs
Hamodi, Hussan; Lundberg, Jan
p. 131-135
Lean Maintenance
Inácio, Bruno
p. 137-141
CMMS – An integrated view from maintenance management to on-line condition monitoring
Farinha, José Torres; Fonseca, Inácio; Oliveira, Rúben; et al.
p. 149-155
Hoshin kanri: a strategic approach to maintenance performance management
Chemweno, Peter; Pintelon, Liliane; Muchiri, Peter
p. 157-162
Aggregation of electric current consumption features for extraction of maintenance KPIs
Iohansson, Carl-Anders; Simon, Victor; Diego, Galar
p. 163-169
(Legal) maintenance plan for building’s energy performance
Costa, Marimba da; Farinha, José Torres; Fonseca, Inácio; et al.
p. 163-169
(Legal) maintenance plan for building’s energy performance
Costa, Marimba; Farinha, José Torres; Fonseca, Inácio; et al.
p. 171-177
Bottom to top approach for railway KPI generation
Villarejo, Roberto; Johansson, Carl-Anders; Leturiondo, Urko; et al.
p. 185-195
Improving risk matrices using the MACBETH approach for multicriteria value measurement
Costa, Carlos A. Bana e; Lopes, Diana F.; Oliveira, Mónica D.
p. 197-203
Risk-based maintenance: relationship between the risk and the environment of operation
Santos, J. F. D.; Calado, J. M. F.; Roque, A. A.
p. 205-212
Risk management based on the assessment of safety barriers
Sobral, José; Soares, Carlos Guedes
p. 213-220
Incorporating carbon penalties into supplier selection in the supply chain
Gandhi, Kanika; Galar, Diego; Jha, P. C.
p. 221-228
Reliability Analysis on Crucial Subsystems of a Wind Turbine through FTA Approach
Katsavounis, S.; Patsianis, N.; Konstantinidis, E.I.; et al.