Advances in forest fire research 2018

Advances in forest fire research 2018
Advances in forest fire research 2018

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra


Table of Contents
Defining and mapping the wildland-urban interface in Portugal

Pereira, José M. C.; Alexandre, Patrícia M.; Campagnolo, Manuel L.; Bar-Massada, Avi; Radeloff, Volker C.; Silva, Pedro C.

Developement of a metodology to assess school bushfire risk

Leonard, Justin; Blanchi, Raphaele; Arena, Alessio; Warren, Garth; Opie, Kimberley

Development of a spatial analysis tool for radiant heat flux predictions

Arena, Alessio; Leonard, Justin; Blanchi, Raphaele; Newnham, Glenn; Opie, Kimberley

Estimating net heat flux from surrogate firebrand accumulations using an inverse heat transfer approach

Thomas, J. Christian; Mueller, Eric V.; Hadden, Rory M.

Fire risk assessment of UNESCO Historic Villages by heat flux from forest fire

Kim, Donghyun

Flammability and combustibility of potential species for use as fuel breaks

Santos, João Francisco Labres dos; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Tres, Andressa; Tetto, Alexandre França; Kovalsyki, Bruna

Heating and ignition from firebrand piles

Hakes, R. S. P.; Salehizadeh, H.; Weston-Dawkes, M. J.; Gollner, M. J.

Lattice Boltzmann method for flow through vegetation

Sezer, Hayri; Simeoni, Albert

Mathematical modeling of the forest fires initiation, spread and impact on buildings

Perminov, Valeriy

Modelling fire spread and damage in wildland-urban interfaces

Fernandez, Fabien; Guillaume, Bruno; Porterie, Bernard; Ganteaume, Anne; Guerra, Fabien

On the use of time-resolved three-dimensional diagnostics to characterize firebrand showers in the WUI

Bouvet, Nicolas; Link, Eric D.; Fink, Stephen A.; Kuligowski, Erica D.

Proper width calculation to a firebreak line to protect flame spread from forest fire

Kim, Donghyun

Terpene-containing species vs terpeneless species: what best drives flammability of ornamental species used in WUI?

Ganteaume, Anne; Romero, Bastien

The large fire of Pedrógão Grande (Portugal) and its impact on structures

Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Rodrigues, André; Lucas, Davi; Viegas, Domingos Xavier

The urban side of the wildland-urban interface: a new fire audience identified following an extreme wildfire event in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Langer, E. R. (Lisa); Pearce, H. Grant; Wegner, Simon

Wildland urban interface assessment and prediction in relation to land use and land cover changes: the Portuguese case study

Tonini, Marj; Amato, Federico; Parente, Joana; Pereira, Mário G.

WUI, planning and fires in South of France

Bouillon, Christophe; Ganteaume, Anne; Djazouli, Khalil; Ennesr, Chaimaa

AdriaFirePropagator and AdriaFireRisk: user friendly Web based wildfire propagation and wildfire risk prediction software

Bugarić, Marin; Stipaničev, Darko; Jakovčević, Toni

An upper non-reflecting boundary condition for atmospheric compressible flow

Costes, Aurélien; Lac, Christine; Masson, Valéry; Rochoux, Mélanie

Applying GPU parallel technology to accelerate FARSITE forest fire simulator

Carrillo, Carlos; Cortés, Ana; Cencerrado, Andrés; Espinosa, Antonio; Margalef, Tomàs

Atmospheric flow and a large fire interaction: the unusual case of Pedrogão Grande, Portugal (17 June 2017)

Pinto, Paulo; Silva, Álvaro

Biomass burning emissions using the Sentinel 2 small fire database

Ramo, Rubén; Roteta, Ekhi; Bistinas, Ioannis; Bastarrika, Aitor; Chuvieco, Emilio; Werf, Guido van der

CeaseFire: a website to assist fire managers in Portugal

DaCamara, Carlos C.; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Pinto, Miguel M.; Nunes, Sílvia A.; Trigo, Isabel F.; Gouveia, Célia M.; Rainha, Manuel

Coupled fire-atmosphere-smoke forecasting: current capabilities and plans for the future

Kochanski, Adam K.; Mandel, Jan; Vejmelka, Martin; Burke, Dalton; Hearn, Lauren; Haley, James; Caus, Angel Farguell; Schranz, Sher

Data likelihood of active fires satellite detection and applications toignition estimation and data assimilation

Haley, James; Caus, Angel Farguell; Kochanski, Adam K.; Schranz, Sher; Mandel, Jan

Detecting peatland combustion using shortwave and thermal infrared landsat-8 data

Sofan, Parwati; Bruce, David; Jones, Eriita; Marsden, Jackie

Development of multilingual network resource for comparative-contrastive dictionary of fire science terminology

Sofronova, Tatiana M.; Volokitina, Alexandra V.

Do we need weather prediction models to account for local weather modifications by wildland fires?

Kochanski, Adam; Mallia, Derek V.; Fearon, Matthew G.; Brown, Tim; Mandel, Jan; Vaughan, Joseph K.

Examination of the forest fires detection: the relationship between the fire and the detection

Bodnár, László; Restás, Ágoston

Factors contributing to high and low risk fires in the United States: an analysis of the relative risk assessment

Noonan-Wright, Erin; Seielstad, Carl

Fast computational models of dynamic fire propagation using near-field techniques

Hilton, J. E.; Sharples, J. J.; Sullivan, A. L.; Swedosh, W.

Feature selection for burned area classification in the Castelo de Paiva region

Damásio, Carlos Viegas; Bugalho, Lourdes; Medeiros, Pedro; Nascimento, Susana; Santos, Luís Duque

Front’s dynamics of quasi-infinite grassland fires

Frangieh, Nicolas; Accary, Gilbert; Méradji, Sofiane; Morvan, Dominique

Generation of a global burned area product from satellite data: the ESA Fire_cci project

Chuvieco, Emilio; Pettinari, M. Lucrecia; Lizundia-Loiola, Joshua; Roteta, Ekhi; Padilla Parellada, Marc; Oom, Duarte; Lewis, Philip; Storm, Thomas; Kaiser, Johannes; Mouillot, Florent; Laurent, Pierre; Bistinas, Ioanis

Integration of the emissions and smoke dispersion models in the European Forest Fire Information System

Maianti, Pieralberto; Artés Vivancos, Tomàs; Guillaume, Bruno; Miranda, Ana Isabel; Monteiro, Alexandra; Gama, Carla; Houston Durrant, Tracy; Libertà, Giorgio; Boca, Roberto; Branco, Alfredo; de Rigo, Daniele; Ferrari, Davide; Lana, Fabio; Costa, Hugo; San-Miguel-Ayanz, Jesús

Mapping fire severity levels of burned areas in Galicia (NW Spain) by Landsat images and the dNBR index: preliminary results about the influence of topographical, meteorological and fuel factors on the highest severity level

Arellano-Pérez, Stéfano; Ruiz-González, Ana Daría; Álvarez-González, Juan Gabriel; Vega-Hidalgo, Jose Antonio; Díaz-Varela, Ramón; Alonso-Rego, Cecilia

Mean atmospheric flow pattern and forest fire risk on the Adriatic coast of Croatia

Pelajić, Izidor; Mokorić, Marija; Mikec, Krunoslav; Kozarić, Tomislav

Non-rigid feature extraction methods in real time forest fire detection algorithms

Nowzad, Azarm; Jock, Andreas; Reulke, Ralf

On the use of compact thermal cameras for quantitative wildfire monitoring

Valero, Mario M.; Jimenez, Dan; Butler, Bret; Mata, Christian; Rios, Oriol; Pastor, Elsa; Planas, Eulàlia

Predictive distribution modeling of forest fire in pine zone of Uttarakhand Himalayas of India

Verma, Amit Kumar; Kaliyathan, Namitha Nhandadiyil; Bisht, N S; Nautiyal, Raman; Sharma, S D