Promoting conscious and active learning and aging: how to face current and future challenges?

Promoting conscious and active learning and aging: how to face current and future challenges?
Promoting conscious and active learning and aging: how to face current and future challenges?

Oliveira, Albertina Lima de, ed. lit.

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0732-0 (PDF)

Table of Contents
Introcuction: a new humanism is needed ... the expansion of consciousness and brotherhood are vital

Oliveira, Albertina L.

Possibilitis and limitations of age

Fernández-Ballesteros, Rocío

The meaning of life and conscious aging: educating through the perspective of the end

Serrão, Daniel

Who is a disadvantaged senior in europe?: main identifiers for assessing efficacy for self-directed learning of the aged and at-risk

Zarifis, George K.

Reflections from a study about wisdom with students from a senior university

Gonçalves, Cidália Domingues; Oliveira, Albertina L.

Relationships and intergenerational solidarities - social, educational and helth challenges

Ramos, Natália

Intergenerational solidarity: bringing together social and economic development

Sousa, Liliana

Intergeneration education as a strategy for promoting active aging: analyzing the needs of a local community as a way to develop relevant and sustainable projects of intervencion

Villas-Boas, Susana; Oliveira, Albertina L.; Ramos, Natália; Montero, Imaculada

The IPL 60+ program: a singular case of senior education in an intergenerational context

Pimentel, Luísa; Varregoso, Isabel; Faria, Susana; Comprido, Ana

Life histories and intergenerational knowledge transference: a case study at the bank of the northeast corporate university

Marinelli, Marcos; Alcoforado, Luís; Lima, Marcos Antônio Martins

Elderly & ICT: a need and urgency for an effective info-inclusion

Gil, Henrique Teixeira

Senior students in the knowledge society: a curricular program of digital literacy

Varregoso, Isabel; Pimentel, Luísa; Santos, Filipe; Rodrigues, Carina; Cainço, Paula; Leal, Sandra

Formal Caregivers' health characterization and self-perception: implications for long-term care practicess

Pinto, Margarida; Figueiredo, Daniela; Marques, Alda; Rocha, Vânia; Sousa, Liliana

Home-villages as a residence and revitalization system oh the territory

Bordalo, Ana; Matos, Madalena Cunha

Architeture for active learning and aging: towards open innovation in universities

Calvo-Sotelo, Pablo Campos

Healthy aging: retirement and early retirement - organizations and human resource management

Morais, Célia Maria da Silva; Martins, Anabela Correia

Facilitators and barriers to active and healthy aging

Martins, Anabela Correia

Suicide after 65 years old: current data in Portugal

Quintão, Sónia; Costa, Susana; Alves, Sandra; Gusmão, Ricardo

Health education factsheet on mental health in the elderly

Reis, Ana Teresa de Sousa; Martins, Anabela Correia

Aging, health and disease: the effect of religiosity on the optimism of elderly people

Mónico, Lisete dos Santos Mendes

Dispositional forgiveness and gratitude among older people

Neto, Félix

Promoting active aging inside portuguese residential institucions for the elderly: is there something missing?

Vieira, Cristina C.; Oliveira, Albertina L.; Lima, Margarida P.; Ferreira, Sónia M.